Phew!! Post bath wonky. Thank heaven for @misfitsdogs
user charlie_lab
Boodle having his @misfitsdogs #WonkyChomp his favourite part of the week!
I is a lucky boy cos I do have a @misfitsdogs Wonky Chomp! Mmmmmmmmmm I likes to eat it with me eyes shut! #nomnomnom

Here's to the legendary characters dogs are,
and the legendary things that they do!

Because they are Pippin - the sock burgler, Scampi - who "hops", Stanley - who has a thing for wheels, Arnold - who sings when his ears are rubbed, and Jennie - the little princess who growls at any mess lying around.

Every dog's a character. That's why we love to treat them.

Does your dog do things it's own way?

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